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Original Soundtracks - Music For Imaginary Movies' Journal
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in Original Soundtracks - Music For Imaginary Movies' LiveJournal:

Monday, March 3rd, 2008
4:26 pm
I'm STOKED for the March challenge. I totally failed last month because I have hardly any soul/r&b music, and the final result was too lame to show. That said, I have A LOT of music appropriate to this challenge.

I've decided to pretend that my favorite board game, Sweet Valley High School, was released in tandem with a "hit film".

I want it to be a big ol' mess a la The Last American Virgin meets From Justin to Kelly. I plan to use a mix of girly New Wave and beachy 60's throwbacks. The film will be called Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley High School like she's Bram Stoker or some shit. Maybe she can have a cameo as Elizabeth's guidance counselor or something?

Anyway, I'm excited!
Saturday, March 1st, 2008
1:23 pm
80's Teen Angst Comedy
The next movie genre assignment for March:

Deadline- Monday March 31 2008

The 80's were the original golden age of teen angst in the cinema. The eternal struggle between Preppies, Dweebs, Jocks and Outcasts was mined mercilessly for movie plots. Let's hear what new wave, rock or 60s revival tunes go with your version of kids trying to score with the prom queen, become the most popular kid in school or get gagged with spoons.

Check out some of these movies for inspiriation...

Thursday, January 31st, 2008
2:30 pm
First Movie Genre Assignment! Gritty Blaxploitation Detective Film
Here's the very first movie genre assignment for the Original Soundtrack Project-

Deadline to post your Original Soundtrack: Friday Feb 29th 2008

Create a soundtrack and a plot synopsis with a whole lotta soul... we wanna know at what point in the 70s your movie was made, who stars in it and most importantly just exactly who's gettin the jive and who's giving it.

For inspiration, check out movies like Coffy, Shaft or Cleopatra Jones.

Check out Blaxploitation.com for all the info you'd ever want on the genre, and feel free to talk about other movies and bands to check out in the comments on this post.

I'm highly excited to hear these soundtracks and see your poster art for your movie, but I'm mostly anticipating choice audio clips of dialogue from your flick, so bust out those microphones!

2:19 pm
opening credits
So this is the new headquarters for the Original Soundtrack Project, at least for now. Let me know here about any suggestions you have for film genres or for the project as a whole. I have a number of ideas for film styles already but I'm open to any ideas. I'm excited about starting this new group, I think it'll be an amazing explosion of creativity and a great way to have fun with cinema culture and music.

I have high hopes for the inculsion of non-music audio and ephemera, like dialogue and poster art/movie stills.

I still need to work on the look of this page and the icons and all that other crap, anybody can feel free to pitch in if they want.
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